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We are more than just a translation agency, we do more than just translate. Our services include translating texts ranging from general to very specific, but you can also rely on us for certified and legalised translations, interpreting services, copywriting and text revision.

more than just a translation agency...

In order to offer our customers the largest possible service, we translate from and into all languages. We can serve each customer in any world language and within each field of specialisation. Thanks to our extensive network of carefully selected translators and proofreaders, we are the perfect partner for your translations.

Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian (also Belarusian) are the most demanded languages for translation and interpreting assignments, but we also provide professional translations from and into Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Slovenian, Turkish, Swedish and other languages.

You can count on a smooth and efficient translation service at an affordable price. You can also come to us for urgent translations!


We are primarily specialised in legal, financial and economic, software, government, tourism and commercial translations.

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Many official bodies only accept certified translations of particular documents. As a certified translation agency, BTC is able to meet these requirements.

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Have you scheduled a conversation, meeting or conference in a foreign language? No need to worry, you can rely on BTC to take care of all your interpreting assignments.

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Legalisation of translated documents is often required in case official bodies want a greater guarantee of the signatory’s capacity and the authenticity of the signature.

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Not a natural writer or do you simply lack inspiration? Is it difficult for you to clear your busy schedule for one hour in order to gather your thoughts and start writing texts?

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The expertise of our copywriters is apparent in their work. They use your indications to review and rewrite your texts, so as to avoid unnoticed style, spelling or grammatical errors creeping into your texts.

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Office in Málaga
Belgian Translation Centre - España S.L. (BTC-ES)
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