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In addition to certified translations, we also deliver high-quality legalised translations. Legalisation of translated documents is often required in case official bodies want a greater guarantee of the signatory’s capacity and the authenticity of the signature.  This way, the identity and competence of the certified translator are confirmed once more by the court.

There are two possible procedures for the legalisation of these texts:


If the certified translation is intended for a country that has signed the Apostille Convention, a simplified form of legalisation is sufficient. During this shorter legalisation procedure, the certified translation only needs a certification by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Justice and subsequently an apostille stamp of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

normal or extended procedure

If the translation is intended for a country that has not signed the Apostille Convention, a more extensive legalisation procedure is required. In that case, the certified official documents must be confirmed by several bodies: the Belgian Public Federal Service for Justice, the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consulate or embassy of the respective country

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